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Engine Turning/Guilloché Guide & Glossary

The information here has been gleaned from several sources including a now liquidated engine turning firm in the United Kingdom. It has been placed here in PDF form in order for it to be easily downloaded and referenced. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone would like to add to it or correct any errors so that all who endeavor to keep this art alive can learn from and enjoy it.

Additional Information-Glossary

1. Technical Drawing on Metal

2. a) The Straight Line Machine

2. b) Holding the Work Tool and Guide

2. c) Cutting Straight Lines

2. d) Cutting Wavy Lines

2. e) Tool and Guide-Goneostat

2. f) Patterns and Bars

2. g) Creative Pattern Bar Use

2. h) Tool Shapes

2. i) Multiple and 3D Pattern Bars

2. j) Radiating Cuts-Sunray

3. a) Straight Lines around Corners-Engine Turning Along Tubes

3. b) Engine Turning around Corners- 3D Shapes

4. a) Designing with Reflective Lines-From Paper to Metal

4. b) Designing with Reflective Lines-Presentation Drawing Issues

4. c) Designign with Reflective Lines-Horological Work- Watch Dials

5. a) 2D Circular Work-The Rose Engine

5. b) 2D Circular Work-Cutting Plain Circles

5. c) 2D Circular Work-Wavy Circles

5. d) 2D Circular Work-Ovals

5. e) 2D Circular Work-Double Eccentric Work

6. a) 3D Circular Work-Cylindrical Work

6. b) 3D Circular Work-Spheres and Domes

6. c) Trumpet Shaped Base

7. a) Enamelling and Recessing-The Glory of Color

7. b) Enamelling and Recessing-Practical 2D Recessing

7. c) Enamelling and Recessing-Recessing in 3D

7. d) Enamelling and Recessing-A Tiny Flower Pot

7. e) Enamelling and Recessing-Recessing around Holes

8. a) Spottong-When the Tool Moves-Spottimg Work

9. a) Oddities and Surprises-Imitating and Matching Textures

9. b) Oddities and Surprises-From Book Pages to Tire Treads

9. c) Oddities and Surprises-Mokume Gane

9. d) Oddities and Surprises-How to Make a Swan Lake

9. e) Oddities and Surprises-Rolex and Cartier Cufflinks

9. f) Oddities and Surprises-Some Unusual Objects

10. a) Designing Freely-Design Examples

10. b) Designing Freely-Design to Compliment Shape

11. a) Low Relief and CAD CAM-Low Relief Before CAD CAM

12. a) Tech Data for Customers-Matching Patterns to 3D Shapes

12. b) Tech Data for Customers-Mechanical and Size Limits

12. c) Tech Data for Customers-Straight Line Machine

12. d) Tech Data for Customers-Pattern Bars and Touches

12. e) Tech Data for Customers-The Rose Engine

12. f) Tech Data for Customers-The Sliderest

12. g) Tech Data for Customers-The Tool and Sliderest

13. a) Data for Engine Turners-Engine Turners Cement Formula

13. b) Data for Engine Turners-Alternatives to Cement or Wax

14. a) Additional Reference-Straight Lines

14. b) Additional Reference-Wavy Lines

14. c)Additional Inormation-Fancy Waves All from One Bar

14. d) More Simple Waves 1.875

14. e) Additional Information-More Simple Waves 1.663

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  1. Engraver #

    Some pictures do not seem to load for me but otherwise an excellent reference

    October 15, 2013
  2. Leszek #

    Super. Dziękuję. 🙂

    December 2, 2013

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