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Straight Line Engine Turning Machine For Sale: Ohio, USA

As a courtesy to anyone wishing to sell a machine, I am happy to list it here on the blog and perhaps I will even create a special area for this as it seems more and more difficult to find machines at good prices. I must say that I bear no responsibility for anything relative to the sale or purchase and that listing a machine here is only as a service to buyers and sellers! If interested, please email me and I will put you in touch with the seller!


This machine was gone over by Steve White, a tool and die maker and an engine turning expert who has several YouTube videos available for view.

Steve White's Straight Line Machine

Steve White’s Straight Line Machine

One Straight-Line Machine from about the 1940’s. It has all been rebuilt and repainted.
There are several pattern bars that go with the machine. The base and table are not original to the machine but look and fit perfect. The table is made of 1 inch thick steel plate. The headstock, cross slide and Pattern bar holder are in all vg working cond. There is a built-in leveling chuck in the head stock.
Cost $3,200

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