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G. Phil Poirier, Master

Phil Poirier is a true Master of many trades. He is a world class lapidary as well as goldsmith. He is a teacher, having presented numerous times at the Santa Fe Symposium as well as taught individual workshops all over the world.

A manufacturer of tools that make the jobs of goldsmiths, silversmiths, and metal artists the world over so much easier, he is the owner of Bonny Doon Tools. His broad array of products are available through Rio Grande Jewelers Supply  in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Though I am not affiliated with either company in any way, I do consider myself among the many happy customers whose elbows and ligaments are  less sore and tired through the use of the ingenious tools and accessories Phil has developed. His knowledge of CAD and CNC is broad and deep and allows him to realize the creation of such marvels, among many,  as synclastic and anti-clastic bracelet and ring formers that move metal as if it were clay and make production easier for creators everywhere.

What I didn’t know until a couple of years ago is that for over 20 years Phil has been restoring, repairing, and collecting engine turning equipment as well as become master in the art of its practice. He is also an accomplished ornamental wood turner. Last year, he presented an excellent paper on titled, “Art, History and Processes of Guilloché Engraving” at the Santa Fe Symposium. This article is available and free to download from the web link above.

This year, Phil’s presentation, his fourth,  at the Santa Fe Symposium will be titled, “Implementing the Processes of a Rose Engine in the Modern Shop”  and will cover a broad range of topics and include more information on engine turning/guilloché. It is still possible to register and attend this event as of this posting through the links included herein.

In order to see this Master in action, please have a look this well executed video, “For the Love of Jewelers”:





Meet Brittany Nicole Cox


Engine Turning is alive and well and being practiced and taught in the American Northwest.

Brittany Nicole Cox is an antiquarian horologist, conservator, preservationist, and restorationist whose atelier is located in the Seattle, Washington area. She is tirelessly working to generate renewed interest in the art of engine turning through classes at  her workshop. Already having  hosted two sold-out sessions led by master clockmaker, David Lindow, Brittany is sharing her knowledge to enthusiastic students to wide acclaim. 

Photos shown here, supplied by Brittany herself, show the class in progress as well as the tangible results from it. 

Below, as well as here, there is a link to her web site and where it is possible to subscribe to her truly magnificent blog. 

I wholeheartedly recommend signing up to keep up with what is going on with engine turing classes. One also might wish to keep up with others subjects of which Brittany is a specialist. These classes are only a small portion of the goings on in her shop which include Automata, Clock Making, Ornamental Turning and Restoration.

New Page Added

Hello! Looking at the top of the “Home” page, you will find another page added. It is titled, “Engine Turning/Guilloché Guide and Glossary”. It is located alongside “About” and “Bibliography”. Hopefully, it can be added to and expanded over time with the assistance of anyone who would like to share knowledge of this art.

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