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When James Miller speaks….. Listen!!

Buried in the comments section of the “About” tab is a link to a CBC video from 1984 titled,  “All That Glistens”. This is an investment well worth the nearly one hour it takes to view! The link was sent in by James Miller, a recently retired master goldsmith who has worked with some of the most proficient masters of engine turning and enameling in the world, evidenced by the photos he so generously provided that can be found in the gallery section. When he is impressed, it must be something of extremely high quality and this certainly is. I am inserting it below to hopefully give it more prominence. For those of us who are engine turners/guillocheurs, the segment of Gerald Mayo working on a solid gold Cartier minaudière is a wonder to behold! And, there is so much more on the video including a master silversmith, a presentation sword maker, a metal spinner, Paloma Picasso consulting with a goldsmith at Tiffany & Co., a gem carver from Idar-Oberstein, and much more:



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  1. Martha Bridges #

    Beautiful film about some extraordinary concepts, artists and materials. Thanks so much for posting and praising it so that I would get to see it!

    August 6, 2014
  2. John Edwards #

    Hi Celia

    Thanks for telling me about “All that Glistens”, a very interesting insight into various aspects of engine turning and the jewellery trade. I have taken the liberty of mentioning it on my website as I think it includes material of interest to ornamental turners. I have also listed your site on my links page. You may possibly wish make a link to my website. My book “Holtzapffel Volume VI may be of interest to some of your readers as it has a small amount of information on engine turning (but Holtz Vol V, which you list, has none).

    Kind regards


    August 7, 2014
  3. Hi
    was very impressed with the contents of the Video. Very inspirational
    Have purchased a straight line engine truing machine for myself . Should arrive in the next few weeks from the USA.

    Has anyone got any suggestion of reading material to purchase for a beginner that will need to self teach.

    Thanks Douglas
    Canterbury clocks

    August 10, 2014
    • studiocelia #

      Congratulations on your purchase Douglas. If you read the tab at the top of the blog marked “Engine Turning/ Guilloché Guide and Glossary, you will find nearly a step by step overview of these machines. They are easily downloaded in PDF form so they may be printed and kept handy in the workshop. See the bibliography section also for more help and of course, consider joining both the Ornamental Turners International as well as the Society of Ornamental Turners.

      August 12, 2014
  4. Rodney Kneuss #

    My grandfather Jules Kneuss worked for Wright and Davies, and Gerald Mayo was his pupil. We are interested in knowing if any of Jules rubbings have survived, or if anyone has recollections of his works. We know the cigarette boxes commissioned by Peter Wilding are in the Cartier collection at the British Museum and were turned by Jules. They are truly wonderful. A family story is that Jules made a prize for apprentices. It would be great to find out more detail. Also would like to know about Gerald Mayo. Is he still alive and if so would it be possible to contact him?
    Thank you
    Jules grandson

    August 26, 2014
    • studiocelia #

      I hope someone can help you and I have forwarded your request off the blog to James Miller. Once you do find any images, I would be delighted to post them here!

      August 27, 2014
      • Rodney Kneuss #

        The story of Peter Wildings box collection can be found in “The Decorative Arts Society” Journal No. 37 of 2013; p 115-135. Article is by Judy Rudoe called “Cartier gold boxes; a visionary patron and a bet with Ian Fleming.”
        The collection shows the beautiful work and precision of the artisans – a craft almost lost.

        August 27, 2014
        • studiocelia #

          Thanks so much!

          August 27, 2014

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